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stage write

a play writing program


Stage Write is a play program that facilitates rehearsed readings of plays. We connect writers who need their play heard aloud, with actors and directors. Stage Write play readings and feedback sessions support writers to better identify what their script needs in its next stage of development. Stage Write assists with the fundamental step in the playwriting process – where two dimensional words on the page become airborne and are spoken aloud in space. Writers at all stages of their career are encouraged to apply to the program.


Playwrights write on a two-dimensional surface for a three-dimensional art form. At some point in the process, playwrights need to hear their words lifted from the page … have air breathed in to their text. This is a fundamental step that will help a writer develop their text and know if it’s ready for the stage.


Stage 1:

Writer’s may apply by submitting the first ten pages of the play they would like to enter to the program, a one-page synopsis along with a cover note and CV. Writers may submit more than one play for consideration.


Stage 2:

Writers of shortlisted plays will be contacted and asked to submit their full play for consideration. There is no limit on play length.


Stage 3:

Playwrights who have their plays accepted into this final stage will be invited to participate in the Stage Write program and provided with the opportunity to hear their play read aloud by actors. Participants will receive dramaturgical feedback and, if the script is ready, facilitate a reading of the work.


Submissions can be emailed to Writers are encouraged to email any questions they may have about their submission to the above email address.

For more info select FAQs from the drop down menu.

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