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Will plays accepted into Stage Write go through to production and be programmed by Iron Lung?

Stage Write is not a page-to-stage development process, but rather a rehearsed reading program. It focusses very specifically on a particular stage of development in which a writer needs to hear their work in order to know what it needs next. That said, Iron Lung are always on the lookout for new Australian works to program.


Can I submit more than one play?

Sure you can! Make sure you send us a separate email submission for each play you are submitting.


Can the staged reading or feedback session of my Stage Write play be filmed or audio recorded?

Unfortunately, we cannot allow the reading to be recorded because we don’t have contractual agreements to protect your work or the work of the actors and other artists in the room.


How do I know if my script is ready for a rehearsed reading with actors?

Please note the primary aim of the program is to accept scripts close to being ready to be heard. However, you are still welcome to submit your play if you are stuck and not sure where to go next. If your play is accepted in to the program we will tell you in your feedback session if we don’t think your script is ready to be read aloud by actors. You will then receive notes in your feedback session, which may help you in what to do next in your script’s development. If you still feel you need to hear your play to know what to do next, we can discuss facilitating a reading for you.


Are you an actor, director or dramaturge and would like to get involved in reading scripts or in one of our Stage Write readings?

If so, we’d love to hear from you! Email your CV and headshot (for actors) to Iron Lung co-artistic director and we’ll happily add you to our list of interested artists. Please note we receive more CVs than opportunities we have available, so please do not be deterred if we don’t bring you on to the Stage Write team.


I’m an artist working in the Stage Write program. Will I be paid?

Unfortunately, no. Our Stage Write program is not yet funded. All of the artists involved are doing so on a voluntary basis. 


Do you have further questions?

We’d love to hear from you. Send us an email on and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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