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by Marsha Norman

“Briony Dunn has crafted a thrillingly taut production that beautifully reflects the cadences of Marsha Norman’s slice of life drama.”

Theatre People

“Beautiful! Superbly acted and directed."

Arts Review


"Briony Dunn directs aching, meticulously drawn performances."

The Age

"A polished production buoyed by the skilful and sensitive performances of  van Doornum and Lee."

Arts Hub

"Gripping ... and delivered by these two fine actors in detailed, considered performances."

Stage Whispers 

7- 17 AUGUST 2019



On an ordinary Saturday night Jessie Cates calmly tells her mother, ‘I’m going to kill myself’. Unfolding in real time over ninety minutes and building like a sonata, 'night, Mother is the turbulent tale of a mother-daughter relationship. 
As the clock ticks down to the gripping conclusion … is there time for one night of absolute honesty? The meaning of life is under the microscope in this electrifying fight for survival at the ultimate cost.
Two women, one gun and a cup of cocoa. Who will win?
Four-time Tony Award nominated play and 1983 Pulitzer Prize winner ’night, Mother is a devastating exploration of love, quiet savagery and chocolate.
Directed by Briony Dunn
Cast: Caroline Lee and Esther van Doornum
Set and Costume Design: Juliette Whitney
Production Manager: Julia Landberg
Lighting Design: Clare Springett 
Production Stills: Pia Johnson
This production was supported by The City of Stonnington (Arts and Cultural Grant 2019)
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